Day: March 4, 2018

Terminologie de la mesure du temps en quechua et en maya

AMERINDIA 40: 69-104, 2018 Carmen GONZÁLEZ & Jean-Michel HOPPANChercheuse indépendante Mondes Andins & SeDyL (CNRS-UMR 8202) DOI : bstract: The Inca/Quechua and Maya cultures had in common the availability of numeralswhich allowed the development of the largest accounts produced

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Overview of the alignment of Arawakan languages

AMERINDIA 40: 135-167, 2018 Tom DURANDINALCO/USPC, SeDyL (UMR 8202) DOI : Abstract: This article compares the alignments of the languages from the Arawakan family,one of the largest linguistic families of South America; in other words, how these languagesencode the

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