About us

a journal to promote amerindian languages

Amerindia is the only linguistic journal in Europe devoted to the study of native American languages.

Amerindia has been published since 1976 without interruption, at the rate of an annual issue, by the Association of American Ethnolinguistics (A.E.A.).

Its scientific direction is ensured by the members of the SeDyL laboratory (Structure and Dynamics of Languages), a joint research unit CNRSIRDINALCO.

Amerindia has existed for 40 years on the international research scene and was created by linguist Bernard Pottier within the Center for the Study of Indigenous Languages of America (CELIA). Since 2010, the journal belongs to the SeDyL laboratory.









our goal

describing, documenting and analyzing the languages of America

The publications address different perspectives:

– analysis of the structure of languages (articles and monographs on linguistics, without restriction of theoretical framework, but ensuring the presence and use of observational facts);

– presentation, analysis and commentary of texts and speeches in these languages, whether modern or ancient, traditional or not (articles and works of philology, oral tradition);

– observation and analysis of the practices of these languages, and of attitudes and practices towards them (articles on language policy, sociolinguistics, language pedagogy);

– the identification of conceptual fields pertaining to the culture of Amerindian societies based on linguistic facts (ethnolinguistics articles).