Journal of Amerindian Linguistics

Since 1976, Amerindia has been promoting research on the indigenous languages of America by providing a space for sharing and disseminating the knowledge generated by its community of specialised researchers.


Amerindia is published in print at a rate of one issue a year, and then becomes freely accessible on the web approximately one year after its publication.

The journal is edited by members of the SeDyL and the Association of American Ethnolinguistics (AEA), and benefits from the support of the SeDyL for its production and distribution. 

Each article receives at least three reviews, two anonymous ones and a third by a member of Ameridia’s editorial committee.

Meeting the Americas

Amerindia has been published since 1976. Its aim is to contribute to the development of Amerindian studies by publishing linguistic articles on the indigenous languages of the Americas, as well as documents and texts in these languages, analysed from a linguistic or ethnographic point of view.

The journal has been multilingual from the outset and publishes articles in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The “raison d’être” and spirit of Amerindia is to federate from France an active international community for the generation of new knowledge on the languages of the Americas and their structures, by disseminating them from Europe to the whole world, to make these languages known, to defend them and to help their preservation.

Enrique palancar, responsible for the publication