Notas sobre las inscripciones de la Estela 1 de El Chorro Petén (Guatemala), maya clásico, mediados del siglo VIII

AMERINDIA 42: 137-153, 2020

Jean-Michel HOPPAN

Investigadora independiente Mundo Mesoamericano (asociada con el GEMESO/EPHE)


Abstract: This article aims to give a reading and the interpretation of the inscriptions
engraved on a Maya stela of the Late Classic period, now in a private collection but which originally becomes from El Chorro, an archaeological site in the Peten. This “Stela 1 of El Chorro” presents the mother of the local k’uhul ahau (king) Precious Monkey, as an aj k’uhuun who carries the ceremonial bar. The Lady is adorned sumptuously with quetzal feathers and jade. Aj k’uhuun was a title associated with the transmission of power. During his enthronement the k’uhul ahau’s power was legitimized by the accomplishment of the mythical auto sacrifice, referring to the stingray spine. The glyphs of this monument thus describe some great moments of the Maya history. Furthermore, Stela 1 of El Chorro provides the only example which we actually know of the emblem glyph of this little explored city State.