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Las clases verbales de la lengua sáliba

AMERINDIA 43: 211-247, 2021 Hortensia ESTRADA RAMÍREZInstituto Caro y CuervoJorge Emilio ROSÉS LABRADAUniversity of Alberta DOI : https://doi.org/10.56551/XDYQ8951 Abstract: Based on new first-hand fieldwork data and on prior descriptions of the language, this article proposes an in-depth analysis of inflectional

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Las clases flexivas verbales del zapoteco de Zoochina

Zoochina Zapotec (Zapotecan, Oto-Manguean) has two independent but crisscrossing systems of verbal classification. One is an affixal system and it involves the selection of different sets of prefixal inflections for the incompletive, completive and irrealis. This allomorphy results into four inflectional classes. The other system involves two stem alternation patterns for the irrealis. Affixal classes I and II interact with the stem classes in interesting ways, resulting into four mixed classes. The inflectional system I describe for Zoochina Zapotec is very innovative with regard to other Zapotec languages.

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Inflectional complexity and verb classes in Chichimec

In this chapter, we propose that in the inflectional morphology of Chichimec, verbs can be classified attending to two different subsystems. One attending to the prefix set they select for the realization of notions such as tense/aspect/mood/polarity and person of the subject, and another attending to the type of stem alternation pattern they
display. As a result of the interaction of these two inflectional subsystems, one obtains a very complex morphological system which is endemic in the Oto-Pamean branch of Oto-Manguean.

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