Inflectional tone in Hñähñu (Mezquital Otomi)

AMERINDIA 42: 1-21, 2020

CIESAS Mexico City


Abstract: This paper is the first thorough description of inflectional tone changes in the
verb stem in Hñähñu. Verbs in Hñähñu (Otomanguean > Otopamean > Otomi) can be
classified into four conjugations according to the distribution of consonant stem
alternations in their paradigm, and into two classes according to the distribution of tonal
stem alternations. This paper describes the formation and distribution of tonal stem
alternations in this language. Hñähñu is also described in the light of the most recent
typologies of inflectional tone (Palancar 2016; Rolle 2018); conversely, the parameters
in these typologies are assessed in the light of the data from Hñähñu.