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Notes sur le logogramme T0042/1G8 de l’écriture maya

AMERINDIA 43: 291-322, 2021 Jean-Michel HOPPANSeDyL (Laboratoire Structure et Dynamique des Langues), CNRSAlexandre SOLCÀChercheur indépendant DOI : https://doi.org/10.56551/IUEL1766 Abstract: Sign n° 42 in 1962 J. Eric S. Thompson’s “Catalog of Maya Hieroglyphs”(classified as grapheme 1G8 in 2003/2009 Martha J. Macri’s

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A Maya stela from the Ethnographical Museum of Geneva

AMERINDIA 42:155-172, 2020 Jean-Michel HOPPAN SeDyL, CNRSAlexandre SOLCÀ DOI : https://doi.org/10.56551/ELKR4042 Abstract: This article aims to present new elements connected to a Maya stela kept in the Ethnographical Museum of Geneva. We show more clearly which glyphs are readable from

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