A Maya stela from the Ethnographical Museum of Geneva

AMERINDIA 42:155-172, 2020

Jean-Michel HOPPAN SeDyL, CNRS
Alexandre SOLCÀ

DOI : https://doi.org/10.56551/ELKR4042

Abstract: This article aims to present new elements connected to a Maya stela kept in the Ethnographical Museum of Geneva. We show more clearly which glyphs are readable from this inscription and then present elements which could correlate this information and that of other Maya inscriptions and which hopefully will help later to identify the ruler depicted on this stela. We also propose a short analysis of the different contexts of scattering ritual, as we showed that this is the subject of the inscription. This stela is also a very important element for a better understanding of the latest page of history in the Petexbatun region at the Classic period.

Keywords: Aguateca, calendar, glyphs, La Corona, Maya, Petexbatun, scattering ritual